Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 11, 2006

Last Week in HSBC

I’m counting my last few days in HSBC.  The reality of my departure is slowly sinking-in.  The past few weekends have been really hectic – buying clothes and other stuff that I have to bring, going on short out-of-town vacations with family, meeting up with friends, etc.  Although really harrassing, I’m trying to enjoy every moment of it – especially since I won’t be getting any of that in the next few months. 

God has answered another prayer.  We were trying to negotiate for a 28Feb departure.  However, given the urgency of our requirement in NCB, they wanted us to be on board ASAP – meaning a few days after our last day with our current employer.  Unfortunately, most of us will not be able to leave during the expected date due to various personal reasons.  This resulted in a deadlock in our departure.  God is truly making everything fall into place.  He has granted our request to allow me to enjoy a few more days with my family and leave on the last day of Feb.

I have a lot of anxieties with this new job.  However, a big part of me is also excited.  I want to know how God will slowly reveal what His plan is for me and my family.  Up to now, I am still perplexed at how everything has and is turning out.  But I am just holding on to God’s promise that everything will be alright for those who put their faith in the Lord.





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