Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 13, 2005

Still waiting…

We will never be able to comprehend God…

At this moment, I am unable to share this blog site to my closest family and friends since I intentionally thought of using this site to document my thoughts, if ever I push through with that job offer in Dammam.  Since nothing is really final at this moment, I have decided to just keep these thoughts to myself and share it with all of you once everything is all green and go. 

My application with NCB is still being processed.  I met the deadline for the submission of all documentary requirements last month and I was advised that my documents were already sent to NCB for the processing of my working permit and visa.  They mentioned that it may take a little more than a month to process my papers – hay tagal!  Anyway, our District Coordinator in LNP, Tito Randy and Tita Mags, mentioned to Pinky and myself that they will pray for God to open other doors of opportunities, while we are waiting for my papers to be completed, so we may be able to discern what really is God’s will for our family.

God really listens to prayers.

Sometime last week my direct line manager confirmed to me that I was accepted to be a one of the delegates in HSBC’s Earthwatch project next year. Earthwatch is an organization that studies various ecological habitats around the world.  The Bank has been supporting this cause by sending a handful of employees every year to go help in the different on-going projects in the various continents of the world.  The Bank shoulders all the expenses of the delegates including airfare!!!  In  short, everyone has been after this once in a lifetime opportunity. Imagine being sent to study the animals in a real African Safari in Kenya or to study the Dolphins of Spain or the Mammoth Caves in the US!!! 

I have been applying for this program for the last three years and have always been unfortunate every single time… until now.  Through the help of my dear cousin, Geraldine, who gave me good ideas for my write-up, I was finally accepted.  The catch is … my scheduled departure is on the second half of 2006!  If I push through with Dammam, I will have to give up this opportunity. 

Another interesting development is that I also  received a call from a previous boss who was asking me if I would be interested to take on a Managerial position in one of the subsidiaries of HSBC here in Manila.  The position he was offering me (or is considering me for)  is similar to my previous assignment in HSBC’s Financial Control Department.  He did not go into details but just wanted to know if I would be interested in the offer.  Given that the outcome of my application with NCB is not yet final, I told him that I was interested.  I will update you all once I have more details on the offer.

To summarise, God is really making this waiting period very interesting for me.  He has answered our prayers to open other doors of opportunities to help us decide what is really best for us.  I remain faithful though that He will help us discern what is His will for my family.  I must admit that I will be disappointed if my application with NCB doesn’t materialise … especially as I have been psyching myself up for major changes next year.  However,  if it doesn’t push through… I have an Earthwatch adventure (and a possible job offer) to look forward too. 

Until my next update…



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