Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 4, 2005

I don’t know how to do this!

Saw Yahoo! 360 Blog site today and thought that it might be good idea to start my own online diary to keep those who are closest to me updated regarding things that have been happening in my life.

Just so everyone is in the loop, I have recently been offered a job to work as a Senior Credit Analyst for the National Commercial Bank (NCB) in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.  Based on my research,  NCB is the first and largest bank in the Middle East while Dammam is one of the three major cities in the Eastern Province of this oil rich country and is where Saudi Aramco is located (or somewhere  near it).  Anyway, my papers are still being processed and, at this point, I am still not yet sure if things will push through.  

The more exciting development in my life is our newest addition to the family..  Yes, my wife, Pinky, is expecting our third baby, who is scheduled to arrive in June 2006.  Pinky and I are  hoping that this will finally be the baby girl that we have been waiting for… if not, Pinky will just have to say goodbye to her dreams of having to buy cute little pink dresses with ribbons and laces and will just have to learn how to settle for blue jeans and t-shirts.  Kuy-kuy (Luigi) and Kuy (Rafael) are also both very excited to see the baby.

As you can see the next few months will be very exciting for me.  I am hoping that you will bear with me as I jot down all my thoughts and feelings during the whole process.   Please feel free to give your own comments and reactions as these will really help me a lot as I go through this new phase in my life.

Thanks so much and please wish me the best.




  1. flash those jean jackets, trucker hats and bling-blings…and sing to the tune of “babalik ka rin” (with matching gary v dance steps). yowzah! 🙂

    ps: oh, btw, don’t forget to clap each time you land at the naia.

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