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Treasures from the Past

One of the rare treasures from this trip – some old photographs of my mom, dad and grandfather (angkong) with our relatives from Davao. It’s funny how much things you don’t know even about your own family (ie: like my Angkong had a sister and brother, whom I’ve never met, or how my parents had their honeymoon in Davao). Thankful for the blessing of reconnecting with the past.
Dad and Mom (first row: third and fourth from left)

IMG_3245.JPGAngkong (in the middle) with our relatives from Davao

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Ending on a High Note

We saw this most interesting looking doll while having dinner here in Bohol. Thank goodness the doll’s face didn’t sum up our experience tonight. Tarsier Exotika didn’t disappoint – really ended on a high note with this one.


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Family is Love

Mi familia. Grateful for the opportunity to reconnect. Blessed to be able to see you all again.



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Bored Little Girl

It’s been three days into our holiday and, somehow, I am not exactly sure how I feel. Pinky mentioned earlier today that I’ve been quite antsy and, honestly, I’m not sure why.

As I sat in the reception area while my wifey got her much awaited nail pampering treatment, I see a little girl – slightly older than my daughter – sitting down having her nails done too. She seemed to lack the enthusiasm and excitement that I know my wife – and daughter, had she been with us – would be overflowing with. It made me wonder why. How can she not enjoy this? Who wouldn’t love those beautifully scented lotion being applied to your hands and feet while a trained technician manicure your nails? Then it made me think, could this be something she’s done heaps of times (even at an early age) that it has become somewhat of her routine? I don’t know.

So back to me. Why have I been antsy? Why am I not feeling overwhelmed? Why am I not doing a combination cartwheel with triple back flip when I should be acing it like a pro? Why am I suddenly transforming into that little girl who sat bored while her nails were being done?

I guess it’s because I realised that not much has changed in this part of the world. The things we happily left behind – like the traffic, chaos and disorder – are still undeniably felt wherever you go in the Metro. Suddenly every experience – good and bad – came all rushing back and I remembered how our life was back then and that didn’t excite me.

I’ll have to change my mindset in order to enjoy the rest of our holiday. I need to look at the brighter side – we are surrounded by our family, the main reason why we are here. We crave for their company and, hopefully, we’ll get heaps of that in the next few weeks. This place may not have changed much. But, in the end, I believe that being with our family is what counts the most. That thought brings a smile to my face – I know all will be well.



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Much awaited vacation back home. Thank you, family.

Extremely blessed.


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Careless Tooth Fairy

It’s amazing what little secrets you find hidden all over your house. I took our luggage down from our closet (in preparation for our upcoming trip) and found this…



A small note written by our daughter a few years ago. The poor “tooth fairy” must have had a hard time carrying her tooth and this note that he had to leave one thing behind. Tsk! Tsk! Very careless.

Oh, how I wish time would slow down a bit. Feeling sentimental just thinking how quickly our children have grown. Missing them heaps.

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Late Night Reflection

I lay down in bed, exhausted, tired and, yet, struggling to sleep. My body sore from what has been a very long Sunday. Somehow, I managed to squeeze in a five kilometre walk, a 3 hour “garden” workout, a last minute shopping spree, a two car wash and a return trip to the mall (to drive our son who had a night out with friends) all in day.

Thankfully, started the day right with my one and only. Blessed to share this day with you.


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Hope Lives

It was our first time to vote yesterday and I must say that Pinky and I were pleasantly surprised with the experience. Here in Australia voting is an obligation – citizens are required to vote or else you will be fined ($118) for not doing so.

We arrived before 10am expecting the worst. However, there was no crowded voting precincts. No overly done election paraphernalia. No last minute vote buying campaigning. No goons. No harassment and everything bad that comes with it.

I felt extremely blessed to have this kind of experience where we literally went in the polling booth and were done in less than five minutes. However, it also made me feel sad and disappointed knowing that in a few months our country (the Philippines) will also be having their elections but their experience will be totally the opposite of ours.

We recognise our blessings but pray that other people may experience it too. Hope lives, Philippines!



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Great is Thy Faithfulness

I woke up early today and decided to take a quick bike ride before the family wakes up. I’m alone – my bike buds weren’t available this beautiful Sunday morning. So, I brought my phone instead, turned on some meditation music and pedalled away.

I arrived at the Robelle Domain and was looking for a spot to rest. Just as I was doing so, this beautiful song played on my phone. It struck me so much that I decided to listen to it more as my eyes teared-up a bit.

I found a beautiful secluded spot near a brook – all peaceful, quiet and far from any distraction. Only thing I could hear were the lyrics playing over and over again while the birds chirped at the background. I sat on a boulder on the brook and enjoyed the cool breeze. I was drawn by the words as if someone was talking to me. I was trying to hold it in as much as I can but found it extremely difficult to do so.

I guess The Lord speaks with us wherever and whenever he chooses. Mine was this moment – when I was tired, alone and ready to give up.

As I listened and meditated, I realised how much blessed we are. Our family has it’s own share of problems; our own ups and downs; our moment of question and doubt. And yet, despite those times, we were never alone in the deepest sense of it.

I am blessed because my family is reassured of His great faithfulness. He is constant whatever our situation in life maybe. He is compassionate and he will forever be. He gave us strength for today and hope for tomorrow. All that we needed, he has and will always provide.

I decided to sit here a little bit longer as I write this. The music… God’s words to me today… still playing on so I won’t forget. I hope you to remember of his great faithfulness. He speaks to you in the most perfect time – just try to be still and listen.

I share my conversation with him today and hope you find inspiration as I have.

Great is Thy faithfulness,” O God my Father,
There is no shadow of turning with Thee;
Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not
As Thou hast been Thou forever wilt be.

“Great is Thy faithfulness!”
“Great is Thy faithfulness!”
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—
“Great is Thy faithfulness,” Lord, unto me!




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Morning Commute

I work pretty far from home and part of my daily grind is my commute to the office. My 90 minute travel one-way used to be a burden. However, I learned to enjoy it by finding better use of my time by either taking a short nap, surfing the internet or praying.

Thankfully, the public transport here is pretty efficient, safe and, unless it’s a peak hour, relatively uncrowded. Definitely blessed to have this available to us.

IMG_3147.JPG Empty train… I was first to board, people soon followed.

IMG_3145.JPGOur newly built station.

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